Memberships now available! Free heart rate monitor with gold membership!     ֍     The studio will be closed from December 24 to January 1. We will reopen on January 2.      ֍     Join our January fitness challenge today!

Where can I find the schedule?

Right here or on the homepage. It’s always at the top, so you can quickly access the information you need!


What should I do if I have trouble signing up?

Please contact us! As a small business, we still have a few kinks to work out with our site, but we can help you sign up and get you started! For those who prefer to troubleshoot on their own, we have several videos to help you out as well. However, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

What is the bungee starter class?

This an intro to all things bungee! (We guarantee you’ll be hooked, afterwards!) In the intro, one of our friendly instructors will go through some of the most common moves you’ll do and answer any questions you may have! 

What should I wear to my bungee class?

If you live in yoga pants or leggings, rejoice! Yoga or leggings work perfectly and help you remain comfortable. As you can imagine, shorts are not recommended for a variety of reasons! Finally, a pair of comfortable workout shoes will protect your feet and help you land that perfect fly or burpee! 

What should I bring to my first bungee fitness class?

Please bring a water bottle and towel. All of our classes burn a lot of calories, and you may find yourself working up quite the sweat! 

How early should I arrive? 

Our new bungee friends should arrive at least 15 minutes before class. This gives us enough time to check you in, find the best bungee tension, and provide a brief introduction about the class.

For our repeat bungee friends, we recommend 10 minutes ahead of time. That way, we can fit your bungees and help you have a great class! 

What should I expect during my first bungee fitness class?

During your first session, we’ll ask you to arrive 15 minutes ahead of time. At this time, we’ll walk you through the sign up process and ensure you have the forms filled out. Then comes the fun part! We set you up in the bungee harness and fit it perfectly so you feel comfortable and ready to go. Prior to any bungee fitness workout, we strongly recommend using the restroom to avoid any unfriendly surprises! 

After class you may feel a little sore, but this is totally normal! Please remember to drink lots of water and do some light stretching! 

Is it okay to eat before my bungee class?

Great question! Because you’re bouncing in the bungee, you may feel a little uncomfortable if you eat too much ahead of time. We recommend a lighter meal, like a protein bar to give your body enough fuel for the workout. However, everybody is different, so it is also based on preference. 

Is there a weight limit for bungee fitness? 

Our bungees can accommodate a variety of body types! It ranges from 90-275 pounds. You also must be 4’11” tall. 

Can I participate if I have medical issues?

While bungee fitness is low impact, people with serious medical concerns or those who are pregnant should not participate.