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Bungee Classes

Bungee Starter

First bungee experience

An introduction to all the skills you need to enjoy a great calorie burn in the bungees! We will cover basic skills such as balance, squats, jumps, and push-ups. Take this class as many times as you need to feel comfortable with the basic movements and terminology. This class will definitely get your heart pumping, and you’ll have a great time doing it! We will learn basic routines to get you ready for All-Out and CardioFly classes.

Must attend at least one Bungee Starter class before progressing to the higher levels.

All-Out Bungee

Flying to new heights

Take this class if you have completed Bungee Starter, and you feel comfortable with the basics. All-Out Bungee is the next step up from Starter, as it increases skillsets and cardio as you work on more routines. Build your basics and learn more flies! We will use repetition to help you master advanced skills. Expect a serious calorie burn with this class, all while having fun!

Must complete at least one Bungee Starter class before progressing to the higher levels.


Boot-camp style cardio / resistance

For people who prefer a straight-up cardio burn, CardioFly is for you! Using the bungee resistance, you will complete a Bootcamp-style workout focusing on squats, burpees, running, jumping jacks, and similar cardio-intensive moves. Our focus will be on high-intensity, interval training (HIIT) workout that features primarily cardio moves. Watch those calories burn!!

Must attend at least one Bungee Starter class before progressing to the higher levels.


Up your fly game — higher and faster

FlyCamp will focus on building your flying skills. We will start with the basic fly footwork, progressing to more advanced flying techniques. This is a great class if you want to practice your flying skills to get ready to progress to higher-level classes. Flying gets your heart pumping, so you will feel the burn in this class!

Must attend at least one Bungee Starter class before progressing to the higher levels.

To safely participate in bungee, participants must be at least 4'11" tall and
between 90 and 275 lbs.

Why choose bungee?
Because it's fun and effective!

Do you want high-intensity, low-impact interval workouts? Do you want to burn 300 to 500 calories per workout? Do you want a full-body workout that engages your core, gives you great cardio, and incorporates resistance and body weight training? Then Strings Attached Bungee Fitness is for you!

Bungee fitness combines a high-intensity interval workout with low-impact routines that are supplemented by resistance from bungee cords and a harness attached to the body.  The bungees absorb a significant amount of the pressure that exercises like burpees, jogging, squats, and lunges place on the body when performing these exercises unassisted, leading to a joint-friendly, low-impact workout that is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Train with highly qualified, certified instructors.

Work with empathetic instructors who can adjust any moves or routines to meet an individual's needs and fitness levels.

Who does bungee?

Daily Workouts

Make bungee your go-to exercise routine. Squat, lunge, burpee, and fly your way to new heights of fitness.


Low-impact exercise that can be modified to individual abilities and fitness levels.


Bungees can help you get moving again after an injury, surgery, or sedentary lifestyle. Bungee resistance will help you move without pain.

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Team of Expert Trainers

Our trainers are fully certified in fitness best practices and bungee fitness, through Sling Bungee Fitness in Edmund, Oklahoma.

Destini M

Destini M

Lead Trainer, CPT, Bungee Certified

Katelyn L

Katelyn L

Trainer, Group Exercise Certified

Kathleen J

Kathleen J

Trainer, Bungee Certified

Suzanne D

Suzanne D

Trainer, CPT, Bungee Certified